Oil companies

Managing a network with hundred’s of sites with ever reducing margins puts a lot of pressure on resources. The days that oil companies had large teams in the field and in the office to capture competitor data and analyse the markets are long gone. By using Petrolview’s toolset the oil companies can focus on strategies and tactics without having to worry about building and analysing a competitor database.

Doing a virtual site visit by checking photos and locations on a map saves many unnecessary trips to sites that are not worth your time and by quickly analysing a site’s location and facility strength you can easily set strategies for those sites that are worth your efforts.


With oil companies divesting more and more sites, the importance of the dealer segment is continuously growing. As true entrepreneurs most dealers have a lean organisation structure enabling them to make quick decisions. As a down site of such structure there can be the lack of well trained network planners and analysts that can thoroughly analyse an investment decision. With many opportunities offered throughout the year it is key to invest your money only in the most profitable ones.

Using Petrolview’s analysis tool pack gives you the analytical power of an oil company as and when you need it, without the ongoing costs of permanent staff.


Every company needs to understand it’s market place in order to be successful. Companies dealing with petrol stations can benefit from the Petrolview’s efforts to build up this market knowledge. Our aggregated data such as market shares or total sites with a shop or carwash will help you assess the size of the market and prioritise activities. Detailed information as address lists help you with targeted mailing campaigns or even site visits.

By understanding which sites are important for your business you can focus your activities and only invest your time in those sites where you are likely to succeed.

Satellite Navigation and Mapping providers

With the increasing amounts of ‘free’ information on the internet the consumers are becoming ever more demanding. Building solutions with high quality whilst respecting intellectual property, database and other copyrights makes the use of such freely available data for a business very hard, let alone the risk in business continuity should the free information dry up.

Petrolview’s site data is manually collected in the field, all sites are positioned using high quality GPS devices and the data is maintained on an ongoing basis. The fuel price data is derived from fuel card transactions and linked to the database electronically, ensuring a 100% error free pricing database. For this reason our data is used by the leaders in the mapping and navigation market.

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