Virtual Site Visit

Our database is made available online. Our entry level product gives clients access to basic site data, maps and photographs of every site in the territory from behind a desk, saving numerous trips around the country to monitor the market. The data is kept up to date on a daily basis, ensuring our clients have always access to the latest information available to us.

Network Planning

Our complete toolbox allows our clients to analyse our full database in combination with other data sources, such as demographic-, traffic or their own data. Our reporting tools give our clients access to their frequently used reports, run of the latest data, at the push of a button.

Fuel Prices

By including our daily fuel prices in our products  we provide network planners with up to date competitor pricing information and help pricing managers to better understand the strength and weaknesses of their competitors. Using our rule based pricing tool we provide a practical solution to monitor prices on large numbers of petrol stations. By linking our data with our clients’ internal sales information we help them understand the price elasticity on each of their sites.


The ability of our online tool to cater with our client’s internal data makes it the ideal platform to hold information on their network. Via our partners we can add additional information and complementary services all through a single solution, allowing our clients to focus on their business rather than IT integration.

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